Robert Pye

Robert has been working directly and indirectly with Seme4 since 2011 and is passionate about the potential Linked Data has to stimulate the emergent culture of the Networked Society.

Technologist, computer scientist, businessman then management consultant, at 29, Robert became the youngest country director of a 4,000 person software and service organisation. By age 33 he was Director of Sales for E&Y’s UK consulting business. He has been a director of a major UK plc and Vice President of Services for a 60,000 person electronic engineering company. Since 1999 Robert has been an intrepreneur and entrepreneur fascinated with the possibility of the “networked society” solving complex problems in novel ways.  Since 2010 he has been designing and delivering experiments to deliver collaborative ecosystems across and within diverse organisations and stakeholders.

Robert is co-founder of Ethos VO which is a 95 person worker owned organisation for individuals committed to proving a different worker/business dynamic.

Robert lives in Surrey. He loves learning and sees work as a practical playground for experimentation on the future of work.