Links to papers, talks and other publications in the media, highlighting the academic research and thought leadership undertaken by Seme4 founders and staff

Capturing Interactive Data Transformation Operations using Provenance Workflows

Research paper by Tope Omitola, Andre Freitas, Edward Curry, Sean O’Riain, Nicholas Gibbins and Nigel Shadbolt on a formal model of IDT (Interactive Data Transformation). IDT tools allow re-purposing of data by standardisation of heterogeneous data sets. They can also perform data quality assurance. The paper discusses the implementation and validation of the model on the IDT platform Google Refine.

Synote: Weaving Media Fragments and Linked Data

A research paper by Yunjia Li, Mike Wald, Tope Omitola, Nigel Shadbolt and Gary Wills on using Linked Data principles to reference, describe, interlink or search media fragments (e.g. an area of an image or a segment of a video). The paper includes a discussion of the implementation of a model to allow Google to index media fragments, which will increase their online presence.