Ewya: An Interoperable Fog Computing Infrastructure with RDF Stream Processing

A paper by Eugene Siow, Thanassis Tiropanis and Wendy Hall on a new Fog Computing infrastructure called Ewya.

Fog computing is an emerging technology which is an extension to Cloud Computing. It allows processing and data storage to be distributed around a network efficiently.

The authors describe the details and architecture of the technology and present the results of an evaluation of its performance.


Seme4 and partners produce open data platform to provide information on parking availability

Seme4 has partnered with Ethos VO Ltd., OpenSensors.io and a number of parking companies to produce an open data platform which provides information on parking availability.

The information is accessible to motorists through an app, and is available as a viewer which provides management information for transport planners, retailers and other organisations. So far the platform has been rolled out to Brighton, Guildford, Greenwich and Kingston.

Further information can be found in an article which appeared in Forbes below: