Web Science Manifesto

A manifesto for Web Science by Professors Wendy Hall, Jim Hendler and Steffen Staab, in which they discuss the challenges relating to the World Wide Web such as cyber-crime and privacy, and propose ways to address these challenges, for example through regulation.


The Role of Data Science in Web Science

A paper by Christopher Phethean, Elena Simperl, Thanassis Tiropanis, Ramine Tinati and Wendy Hall on the use of Data Science in Web Science. The similarities, differences and overlaps between the two disciplines are presented. The authors discuss how Data Science can be used for research in Web Science, for example to examine user behaviour and analyse information flows.


The power of Open Data

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt gives a presentation and is interviewed (at the 1 hour and 30 minutes point of the video) at the CeBit global conference held in Hanover, Germany on the 11th of March. He discusses individual rights and governmental responsibilities in relation to personal data, the U.K. Open Data Institute and the power of Open Data to provide information which can help governments and companies improve services and products.


Celebrating Science: Wendy Hall at the NPL

Professor Dame Wendy Hall gave a talk entitled “Towards a Smarter Web” as part of the “Celebrating Science” series of lectures at the NPL (National Physical Laboratory). The NPL is the National Measurement Institute for the UK, developing measurement standards and techniques for all areas of business, science and technology.