Ewya: An Interoperable Fog Computing Infrastructure with RDF Stream Processing

A paper by Eugene Siow, Thanassis Tiropanis and Wendy Hall on a new Fog Computing infrastructure called Ewya.

Fog computing is an emerging technology which is an extension to Cloud Computing. It allows processing and data storage to be distributed around a network efficiently.

The authors describe the details and architecture of the technology and present the results of an evaluation of its performance.


Is social media changing democracy? A talk by Wendy Hall

A video recording of a talk given by Professor Dame Wendy Hall on the relationship between politics and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

She discusses the situation on the eve of the UK referendum on whether to leave the European Union, in which most of the opinion polls were either too close to call or narrowly pointing to a remain vote, but that analysis of social media on the eve of the referendum pointed to a leave result.

This talk took place on the eve of the 2016 US presidential elections. Professor Hall talks about how, similarly to the UK referendum, in contrast to opinion polls, analysis of social media points to a Trump victory……………..


Wendy Hall appointed Regius Professor in Computer Science

Dame Wendy Hall was appointed to the prestigious post of Regius Professor in Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

Regius professorships are posts which have royal patronage. The post was originally created in 2013 and is the only Regius Professorship in Computer Science in the country.

Dame Wendy said of her appointment: “I am pleased to accept this prestigious honour from the University and from Her Majesty The Queen. The Regius Professorship signifies an important honour for the University, the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, and the discipline of Computer Science at Southampton. It also represents years of hard work by a world-leading team of people which I’m proud to continue to lead. I believe it’s a critical time in our history to contribute to our increased understanding of the power of the World Wide Web and the physical and social impact it makes on our daily lives.”

More details can be found here.

Wendy Hall to lead government review of the UK Artificial Intelligence sector

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has appointed Professor Dame Wendy Hall and former IBM Chief Data Scientist Jerome Pesenti to lead a review of the UK Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. The government has also allocated funding of £17.3m to UK universities for carrying out research into AI and robotics.

The review will look into the ways in which government and industry could collaborate in this area and how the sector could grow.

On her appointment Professor Dame Wendy Hall said:
“Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and I’m looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK.”