Ian Millard

Dr Ian Millard is a technology specialist with over 15 years’ experience in academia and industry. A computer scientist by training, Ian is an experienced systems architect and software developer. He has successfully designed and implemented a number of back-end systems, data processing tools, and end-user applications, to deliver solutions focussed on data integration, analysis and visualisation.

Throughout his career Ian has been working with Semantic Web technologies, both in academic research and applying these tools techniques through consultancy and commercial activities. He is an expert in Linked Data and Open Data systems, with a particular emphasis on combining disparate data from multiple sources.

Ian has been the Senior Technologist at Seme4 Ltd since 2009, and is the principal lead in the development of the Seme4 Platform – a cutting edge software infrastructure that facilitates the rapid delivery of applications and services through a range of interoperable Linked Data and geospatial components. He has provided consultancy for a wide range of organisations, including Ordnance Survey, which maintains a close working relationship with Seme4.

Prior to joining Seme4, Ian has had a long association with the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, first completing a Computer Science degree (first class honours) before undertaking postgraduate studies resulting in the award of his PhD. He was subsequently employed in a number of post-doctoral research posts, working on UK and EU funded projects for a period of 8 years. Again, principal focus involved developing Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies, along with their application in real-world solutions.

In addition to his expertise in Linked Data and related systems, Ian has a comprehensive understanding and experience of a wide range of development disciplines, from web and UX design, mobile applications and systems integration, through to interfacing with the physical world with sensors, embedded systems and “internet of things” style projects.

Throughout his career Ian has remained passionate about the use of innovative techniques to deliver solutions to real problems, providing benefits to both end users and fellow developers alike.