Seme4 Platform

The Seme4 Platform captures the expertise and capabilities that Seme4 has built up over many years of working with Linked Data and deploying applications. It makes data integration easy, both within the enterprise and as a publishing activity, and provides end to end support for all Linked Data needs.


Seme4  are experts in identifier (URI) management. We have a wide range of tools to support URI equivalence discovery and management, including our unique sameAs services.
As a service to the community, we run which is the widely-used Linked Data discovery service, linking from one URI to equivalent ones.

Location Awareness

Throughout the Seme4 Platform development, Seme4 has worked with the UK Ordnance Survey, and so the Platform has outstanding capabilities when dealing with location and geography. It can therefore provide facilities that normally only heavyweight GIS systems would be able to offer.