Launching the Open Data Institute: bottom-up, middle-out, top-down

Nigel Shadbolt on Gov 2.0 Radio speaking about the Open Data Institute in London. He discusses the requirement for new economic models encompassing Open Data and his hopes for the Open Data project over the next year.

Gov 2.0 Radio was founded in 2009 by Adriel Hampton in the U.S. to provide an information resource for topics relating Open Data, the Internet and government.

Open data and charities

A report by Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadbolt, Thanassis Tiropanis, Kieron O’Hara and Tim Davies, describing the ways in which the charitable sector can utilise Open Data to improve intelligence gathering, the targeting of services, knowledge sharing and collaboration with other organisations. The report also discusses technical and organisational challenges in the use of Open Data and makes recommendations for its implementation in the charitable sector.