GEOmii parking app launched

Seme4 has launched a new parking app in partnership with GEOmii and Ethos VO Ltd. The app provides information on availability of parking spaces using the best available data sources, such as live data from fixed sensors in parking spaces, crowd sourced data, data collected by local authorities or data collected from mobile phones.

The system uses a range of data analytics techniques to predict future parking space availability. It also collects data on parking space usage and driving patterns to improve prediction.

The system aims to reduce the amount of time drivers spend looking for a parking space, thereby reducing congestion and also greenhouse gas emissions. The data collected will also help with city planning, for example in deciding the number and location of parking spaces.

Further information can be found here and the app can be downloaded here.

A radio interview with Martin de Heaver from Ethos Smart discussing the app and a trial of the system in Brighton can be found here.

SkillsPlanner formally launched: Seme4’s £1.3m collaboration with government and industry to address skills shortages

Seme4’s collaboration between central government, local councils, universities, contractors, suppliers, industry bodies, training providers and Ethos (a network of social entrepreneurs who find innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems), SkillsPlanner, has been formally launched.

Stage 1 of the project will last 2 years and will focus on the skills gap in the construction industry in London and South-East England and includes large-scale projects such as HS2, the Thames Tideway Tunnel and Crossrail.

Seme4 is providing the software infrastructure for the project, which will allow current and future employment needs to be shared widely. This will enable better planning and delivery of training and skills provision and reduce costs for both government and industry.

£827k of the £1.3m was secured by successfully bidding for funding from Innovate UK‘s Collaborative Research and Development Programme, which provides investment for innovative and collaborative research and development projects that increase the resilience, quality of life or economic performance of urban areas.

Slides from the presentation given by Seme4 founding partner and founder of the Open Data Institute Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt at the launch event can be found here.

A video of SkillsPlanner partners and customers discussing the project can be found here.

Seme4 and partners produce open data platform to provide information on parking availability

Seme4 has partnered with Ethos VO Ltd., and a number of parking companies to produce an open data platform which provides information on parking availability.

The information is accessible to motorists through an app, and is available as a viewer which provides management information for transport planners, retailers and other organisations. So far the platform has been rolled out to Brighton, Guildford, Greenwich and Kingston.

Further information can be found in an article which appeared in Forbes below: