Nigel Shadbolt in the Guardian on Open Data in the UK National Health Service

An article in the UK Guardian newspaper by Oscar Williams in which Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt discusses the issue of Open Data in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

The UK government came top in the Open Data Institute’s (ODI’s) recent league table for open data. However, Professor Shadbolt argues that the government could go further, making data which is already collected machine readable and accessible to the public and health care professionals.

The power of Open Data

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt gives a presentation and is interviewed (at the 1 hour and 30 minutes point of the video) at the CeBit global conference held in Hanover, Germany on the 11th of March. He discusses individual rights and governmental responsibilities in relation to personal data, the U.K. Open Data Institute and the power of Open Data to provide information which can help governments and companies improve services and products.