What we do

Web Applications

Utilising the Seme4 Platform we offer rapid application development, making best use of your data and taking advantage of Open and Linked Data.


Our team has unique experience in Open Data and Linked Data. We advise governments around the world, as well as companies and third sector organisations, both large and small.

Seme4 Platform

Our Platform offers a wide range of data processing, integration and publishing services, enabling both rapid application building and effective long-term maintenance.

SameAs Services

Seme4 is now home to the sameAs.org Linked Data URI discovery site, and also offers domain-specific sameAs™ services for many organisations.

Geospatial services

We have worked extensively with geospatial data and offer a variety of processing and visualisation tools.

Data conversion

Seme4 routinely uses data from a huge range of sources, and has tools to handle data and text from databases, CSVs, spreadsheets, web sites, plain text and PDFs.