Links to papers, talks and other publications in the media, highlighting the academic research and thought leadership undertaken by Seme4 founders and staff

The Role of Data Science in Web Science

A paper by Christopher Phethean, Elena Simperl, Thanassis Tiropanis, Ramine Tinati and Wendy Hall on the use of Data Science in Web Science. The similarities, differences and overlaps between the two disciplines are presented. The authors discuss how Data Science can be used for research in Web Science, for example to examine user behaviour and analyse information flows.

Modeling Twitter Acceptance and Use under the Risk of Antisocial Behavior

A research paper by Nora AlMuhanna, Wendy Hall and David Millard discussing antisocial behaviour on the Internet. The authors propose a model for studying antisocial behaviour on Twitter and validate the model using interviews with experts in the field.

Shadbolt review: Computer science degree accreditation and graduate employability

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt has led an independent review commissioned by the UK government to examine the supply of and demand for Computer Science graduates and the issue of degree accreditation.

The review makes a number of recommendations, including increasing the opportunities for Computer Sciences students to gain work experience, improving the data on graduates and employers, carrying out research to better understand the requirements of employers and improving graduates’ soft skills.

Because Science is Awesome: Studying Participation in a Citizen Science Game

A paper by Ramine Tinati, Markus Luczak-Roesch, Elena Simperl and Wendy Hall describing research into people’s motivations for participating in citizen science projects.

The research indicated a number of motivations, including interest in the subject, the desire to learn, the feeling of contributing to the project, belonging to a community and achievement.