Horizon Scanning Demonstrator

Commissioned by KISTI (the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information), Seme4 began working on the Data Linking Ecosystem for Horizon Scanning Project in April 2016, and delivered it in December 2016.

Work began with background research into public health data sources, platforms developed for detecting and/or tracking pandemics and academic/clinical research in this area. It then progressed to designing and developing a demonstrator which exploited Linked Data and focused on two key areas: global issues/threats and detailed in-country analysis relating to South Korea. A variety of data sources were acquired and integrated into the demonstrator, including FluNet statistics, social media data and air travel statistics.

In addition to the demonstrator, the team also reached out to global public health organisations and experts, in an attempt to form relationships, gain specialist knowledge of the issues and opportunities and to discuss the potential to collaborate in a groundbreaking opportunity in the sphere of public health.