SkillsPlanner: Seme4 partners with government and industry in £1.3m project to address skills shortages

SkillsPlanner is a collaboration between Seme4, Ethos (a network of social entrepreneurs who find innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems), local councils, universities, contractors, suppliers, industry bodies and training providers.

The 2 year project will focus on the skills gap in the construction industry in London and South-East England, working on large-scale projects such as HS2, the Thames Tideway Tunnel and Crossrail.

£827k of the £1.3m was secured by successfully bidding for funding from Innovate UK‘s Collaborative Research and Development Programme, which provides investment for innovative and collaborative research and development projects which increase the resilience, quality of life or economic performance of urban areas.

Seme4 is providing the software infrastructure for the project, which will allow current and future employment needs to be shared widely. This will enable better planning and delivery of training and skills provision and also reduce costs for both government and industry.